Hi whoever you are..Dear Website Visitor….

Its July 2nd…and website thrown up because we’re in a book...

Things sorta died offf for a bit..but the book has pushed us to start sorting and getting the websote back up and running

.I know its not much here, on the website…

but we are starting our own little 28  day program Customer Love Challenge from Monday July 6th 2015

…when more..and more info will appear


Jen  @Desisister_jen on Twitter


Sweetness,Beauty,Happiness and Harmony abound in Desi’stan..
and the good news is you don’t need a flight,
you don’t need a ticket..

you can do it virtually..right here..

Welcome to the virtual home of Desisisters everywhere..

the place where the sun always shines.

Zindagi Khubsoorat Hai….’ Life Is Beautiful’ ..because it is…

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