Mission Mumbai : Chorlton

Ok, so we/I went out there… and we did stage one of the project, and then I got ill… and now I’m better and its time for stage two of Mission Mumbai. Time to sell the lovely cushions that the girls made… the dolls have all gone, sold before they left India

Why ‘I/We’ ?

because although it looks like I’m doing everything I’m actually working with a few others… Linda, Jacky, Annie and Steph….gathering dolls, helping me run stall at Makers market, Chorlton tomorrow… and Vaseem back in Mumbai, and I’m whatsapping with the girls in Mumbai…

anyway.. STAGE TWO

This is Hina….she’s a bit camera shy, with her cushion


Aradhana at her sewing machine making more cushions….

and Sangeeta, Hina and half of Sabira in the background…

and THIS IS SABIRA 🙂 she was sooo much fun….that cushion there is her own creation…

Heading out tomorrow to sell their stuff so we can get moving on the next lot and get their business started… and heading back to see them in June … can’t wait :))


Its a bit long this one…sort of from the top…

Desi … hindi/urdu word meaning ‘from the homeland’, as in the countries of South Asia, but also taken to mean, someone…. exhibiting core characteristics of that culture… i.e. unbridled enthusiasm, optimism, dedication, discipline…an insistence on smiling no matter what the circumstances ..an unshakeable belief that nothing is impossible , and total appreciation of the Khubsoorat in Zindagi …

Sisters – as in sisterhood….

desiSisters = female empowerment network fuelled by Bollywood, Bhangra and Bling, bringing together all those who not only appreciate these things but those that embrace and appreciate the attitude…  regardless of actual racial origin…#ItsAnEveryoneThing

Formed in 2007 with nothing more than a determination to put an end to sadness and cynicism everywhere, and a vague plan, we have , over the years, entertained our local neighbourhood, friends and family with our antics….going slowly from putting out local fun parties, sort of Asian entertainment but for  people outside that community… but not a community event… , from women only pamper evenings, family fun days, charity chill out room,diversity session   everything we did involved a lot of dressing up, henna and dancing… and it always started with A MISSION, a request would come into Bhangra HQ..OR we would sit around and come up with ideas for stuff and then do it.

we always had a bigger plan but we could never quite figure out how to go for it… more about that later… and very much depends onthe  outcome of #MissionMumbai…and the launch of the worlds first Inspirational cushion.

2016 saw one Charity night and the mother of all Xmas Missions. Its a long story but November 2016 saw Desisister Jen get on a plane and fly to Mumbai on her own to work on an idea…. a ‘mission’ that had been hanging around for the last couple of years…

Here’s what happened…

DesiSister –

A DesiSister is a force to be reckoned with…..

Noun, verb, Accolade, Identity;

Noun – description of  a person who

exemplifies Desi’ness (see also accolade),

lives by desi values,  does her best to be nice..

belongs to Desisisters, supports our work…


Verb – used to describe actions which are impossible ‘doing a desisister’ , desisistering.. ok so maybe its not a verb,but it sounded good in the title

Accolade – the highest.. to be deemed a Desisister.. Rani,  Kajol, Zorah, Preity…. maybe Katrina.. she’s nice..but not quite Desi.. Anushka..

IS she Asian..the Desisister ? …  not necessarily.. confusing huh ?


Loves things that sparkle….movies that feed your soul…music that makes your spirit soar..and your feet fly….and Shah Rukh Khan…..

Embraces Life in all its craziness. People in all sizes shapes forms and lifestyles, the people she loves, often…. smiles .. a LOT Motto :Zindagi Khubsoorat HAi … life IS beautiful….

Sound like you ?


What is Desisisters v1

A ha..now there’s the thing.. depends who you are and what you want :)) womens network, social life a support network..sort of an opportunity to explore your entrepreneurial potential possibly a place for people who are natural born desis, regardless of heritage… a damned nuisance say some :)) delightful say others… inspirational, breath of fresh air… … its…a network, a group of people, a plan…