Hello There !

or as we say in the Punjab…

Salaam, Namaste, Sat SriAkal !

You ok there ?

Need some respite from the world as you know it.. ?
Feeling a little worn and weary from the harshness of everyday reality ?
Tired,stressed…ZKH score at an all time low ?
Don’t worry yaari!! ..

DesiSisters are here for you… !

Sweetness,Beauty,Happiness and Harmony abound in Desi’stan..
and the good news is you don’t need a flight,
you don’t need a ticket..

you can do it virtually..

right here..

Ready for a little Appiness with The Apne ?, Punjab Power ?, some serious ZKH fuel…. ?

Sustenance for the soul and a little personal artistry to

complement the beauty of your world..





Desistan ?
Desi ?
Desisisters ?
Desisisters Sari Army

The Royal Family of Desistan..oh yes!

Bhangra HQ

DIY Desification

Foot Patrol and the Big Game

Welcome to the virtual home of Desisisters everywhere..

the place where the sun always shines.

Zindagi Khubsoorat Hai…. Life Is Beautiful

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